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Our American readers may not have ever heard of the Needles Landmark Attraction, a small amusement park located at the top of the cliff at Alum Bay – close to the UK’s Isle of Wight. But the park – named for three historic needle-like rocks that jut out of the nearby ocean – is currently putting on a “pyromusical extravaganza” called Music & Magic in the Skies, and they’re promoting the event with some amazing drone video taken by Procam Films.

Though the Attraction has held similar events for many years now, Music & Magic in the Skies is a brand new free event that will be occuring every Tuesday and Thursday in August – so if you’re actually in the UK, it’s not too late to go and check it out for yourself. In addition to dazzling families with a display of color and sound, the event is designed to raise awareness and funds for a range of worthy Isle of Wight causes.

The event involves ground pyrotechnics and fireworks, all synched with a musical medley with selections ranging from Disney showtunes to Ellie Goulding (and yes, you can probably guess exactly which song we’re talking about.) The show itself seems fun, a small-scale version of the kind of well-executed thing we’re used to seeing at theme parks, but seeing the drone footage is truly incredible.

We’ve talked a lot on the site about how drones have the potential to revolutionize the field of aerial photography, but seeing something like this really brings the point home. Not only could this relatively small attraction afford an aerial photographer (which would never be the case if we were still using helicopters), but the use of a drone allows the tiny camera to safely pass over and through the flames, rather than sticking with a static bird’s-eye view for the entire shoot.

All right, enough further ado. Here’s the video, which was taken by a CAA-licensed DJI Phantom 4 Pro:

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  • Holden Herbert at 7:30 pm

    Did someone forget about the prohibition of flying over crowds or flying at night or keeping within line of sight and many more problems with this video.

    • Charles Caudill at 4:22 am

      Have you not heard of getting a permit / waiver or are you a rookie pilot?

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