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Cool Pics and Vids

DJI Inspire 1 Crash on Maiden Flight

dji inspire 1 crashed

It’s been quite some time we have posted a sort of “drone tabloid” video here on Dronethusiast. Now I’ve found an Inspire 1 crash video where a clearly novice crowd sets out to fly the poor thing for the first time. First, they just fly low in the parking lot and seem to have basic control of the bird. At ... Read More »

Phantom Overboard! This Drone Video Will Have You Bite Your Nails.

I am always in the search for great aerial videos created by drone enthusiasts around the world. The great thing about them is that they don’t need to have great post production, color grading or any other “gimmicks”. They don’t need to be extra professional either, any of us can can catch amazing moments, perspectives, simply great shots. This one ... Read More »

Best Quadcopter FPV Videos Collection

By Oscar Liang (check out Oscar’s blog via the link) One of the best experiences of flying a quadcopter is shooting FPV videos. There are so many videos taken by quadcopter hobbyists all over the world, featuring different beautiful scenes. So I thought it might be a great idea to put together a collection of the best quadcopter FPV videos I can ... Read More »

This Star Wars Inspired Millennium Falcon Drone is Awesome

Ok, there must be something going on in France that we can’t quite comprehend, but it makes the members of the local drone scene really innovative and plain awesome. Being huge Star Wars fans probably also helps. Remember the Star Wars Inspired Drone Race? It was one of the most popular topics of last year (along with FPV racing in ... Read More »

DJI and ABC Fly Drones Over Volcano in Iceland

DJI’s Eric Cheng and his team have flown a Phantom 2 equipped with a GoPro into – or more like over – a volcano before. In fact, that video made it into the Top 10 videos of last year here on Dronethusiast based on your votes. It came in No. 10, so just made onto the list, but another drone video from ... Read More »

The Story Of Probably The Best NYC Drone Video

You’ve probably heard of the NYC legislation that pretty much bans drones in the city completely. By that time, New York photographer Victor Chu was done with the filming of his aerial drone video that covers all 5 boroughs of the city. “There’s been a couple of videos about New York City shot with a drone, but they always cover ... Read More »

First Day of Drone Flying Heads for Disaster [Video]

A YouTube user called Zwier Spanjer posted a video on YouTube which feels like a deja vu to this one. In both videos, what happens is the battery gets depleted and the DJI Phantom (what else?) heads for a healthy bath in the pond below. The exciting part about this latest one is that it happened on his first day of ... Read More »

Drone Video of Repairman Taking a Selfie at 1500 Feet

For Kevin Schmidt, climbing a 1500 feet (roughly 450 meters) television tower is like just another day in the “office”. He actually does it several times a day. The now defunct tv tower is now only a hazard to air traffic in the great plains of South Dakota. Specially if it’s unlit, so regular maintenance and changing of the lightbulbs ... Read More »

Ice Takes Over Lake Balaton in Drone Video

Időkép is a great social weather service and phone application that operates in Hungary, East Central Europe (also home to the Dronethusiat.com editorial team). They operate their own little quadcopter (a DJI Phantom for a change) making continuous observations of weather conditions but users also upload their own videos and images. This mesmerizing drone video demonstrates how ice caused by ... Read More »

Top 10 Drone Videos of 2014 Based on Your Votes

Last week we have posted the best drone videos of 2014 here on Dronethusiast.com so you can pick the one you like best. To our utmost surprise, the first drone porn video “The Drone Boning” only came in second, although the wast majority of our viewers are male. Here they are, these are the Top 10 videos based on your ... Read More »