Grand Theft Auto 2 is a video game released in 1999 featuring an overhead viewpoint of the original Grand Theft Auto, as well as the car-stealing/telephone-answering formula of its predecessor. The player has the ability to explore cities on foot or in various vehicles. The aim is to achieve a certain score. On achieving this goal the player then can proceed to the next level, but completing them is not essential to playing the game at all.

Vojta Paul from the Czech Republic thought that this characteristic overhead viewpoint makes GTA 2 the ideal video game to be recreated in real life. The special twist is that Vojta and his team did it using a drone to provide a realistic aerial perspective. Their Grand Theft Auto drone video includes realistic sound effects, explosions a “Kill Frenzy” towards the end and even the hilarious farts the GTA 2 is well known of.

It must have been a really meticulous job to get this video right and it features long single-take scenes so kudos to the piloting and video skills of the team. The video also features a “cast” of  “actors”, 17 of them in total participated in the filming which is pretty impressive.

The only thing that could be missing is a real crash. Judging by the popularity of their video, they might just have the budget to do it in the next version of Grand Theft Auto Drone 3.

We have reached out to Vojta to find out some behind the scenes goodies and what kind of multicopter have they used, what challenges did they face. So stay tuned!

The Grand Theft Auto Drone Version is Epic

Grand Theft Auto drone version created by Vojta Paul in real life using a drone.

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