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If You Get a Drone for Christmas – Parody

if you get a drone for christmas big

Yesterday, we posted on a new awareness initiative called “Know Before You Fly “ that brought together industry hobby organizations and the FAA. It did not take long for the parody of their video to emerge. Victor Villegas uploaded this video titled “If You Get a Drone for Christmas” to Youtube in reaction to the events. You surely agree that he has ... Read More »

Kangaroo Punches Drone Out of The Sky

Ok, this is a perfect one for some harmless distraction for Sunday. As reported by Newzulu, the pilot was following a group of marsupials in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. One of the animals had enough of the intrusion and hand punched the drone out of the sky with a boxing move. We knew that kangaroos are good at boxing, but this one ... Read More »

FPV Video That’ll Make You Duck Your Head

FPV drone racing I believe has some of the highest – if not THE highest – cool factors of all niches within multirotor flying. I also believe that it’s the one that will grow in popularity in the coming year and should take the world by storm. With amazing videos like the Star Wars Inspired Drone Race one we covered ... Read More »

Drone Films Magical Synchronized Christmas Light Show

If you have lived in or just visited the US during the most important holiday season, you know that one-upmanship of Christmas lights between residents of upscale neighborhoods can lead to some ridiculously overdone decorations requiring a Hoover Dam to operate. At the same time, there are great examples of creativity during this season like the absolutely stunning video that ... Read More »

DJI Inspire 1 Fyling Indoors – And Up

We have reported earlier about the launch and also some great first hands on experience  and footage on the DJI Inspire 1 “prosumer” (higher end consumer, almost professional) quadcopter. In the post about the launch, we highlighted one new function which is called the Vision Positioning System. It is an ingenious solution to avoid flyaways previously characteristic of early Phantom maodels, DJI’s ... Read More »

This Haunting Chernobyl Drone Video Is Amazing

“Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl” drone video It is now considered safe to visit, because the relatively short-lived isotopes released during the disaster have since decayed — although it is not safe for long stays — and documentation and permission is required to do so. Filmmaker Danny Cooke recently made just such a visit as part of a team working on an episode of ... Read More »

Wasted Spectator Snatches Drone At Peru Concert

If you would not see it, you would not believe it. What the man does some to have been triggered by the instant as the not so thirsty guy is heading casually out of the crowd. Than somethings snaps and he starts running and the dash ends in a leap and he snatches drone.  The incident happened at a Peruvian cumbia ... Read More »

First Raw Footage From The New DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

Ok, everyone we have seen a lot of discussion on shaking and jello discovered by viewers in the DJI Inspire 1 video footage that started circulating after the launch yesterday. Of course that would be just normal in a pre release testing unit, but people looked at it as DJI’s bending iPhone. In that post, you can check out the ... Read More »