If you have lived in or just visited the US during the most important holiday season, you know that one-upmanship of Christmas lights between residents of upscale neighborhoods can lead to some ridiculously overdone decorations requiring a Hoover Dam to operate. At the same time, there are great examples of creativity during this season like the absolutely stunning video that was uploaded to Youtube the other day by Jeff Maxey.

It is recorded from a UAV’s view, showing most of a street block lighting up to synchronized Christmas lights. The street block is located in Yucaipa, California and the lights are synchronized to ‘Wizards in Winter’ by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Some commenters on Youtube question the authenticity of the video, so we reached out to Jeff to ask for some behind the scenes info or video on how he did it.

Bonus: there is another video that Jeff uploaded since, this time at a later and darker time of the day with ‘All I Want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey. It’s a better time of the day, but the synchronization is not that amazing, if at all tuned at the effective song.

Source: Jeff Maxey
Drone Films Magical Synchronized Christmas Light Show
Article Name
Drone Films Magical Synchronized Christmas Light Show
Christmas light show of almost an entire block of houses in California synchronized to ‘Wizards in Winter’.

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