So you would think that there is no way we come up with a drone related piece of news that has to do with Halloween, right? You are so wrong. 🙂 Ever seen those drones carrying flags like the one at the Serbia Albania game video? Well, there are other things a multicpopter can lift.

Halloween is one of those holidays that no one can deny is meant to be creepy. For decades, movies such as “Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween”, and “Paranormal Entity” have been spooking audiences, as well as the original crypt keeper himself.
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Ghosts, ghouls, and witches are always going to spook the neighbors as well as your friends, and when you add drones into the mix, there are truly endless possibilities.

You can scare people enough with things you do from the ground, but just imagine what happens if you don your drone with a spook or other scary element on top!

Chasing people through the neighborhood and performing other maneuvers from above could most likely put someone into cardiac arrest.

But since a good scare is what Halloween is all about, we deem it OK to go ahead and try some of these pranks! Here are six of the coolest ones that we found while searching the web: check them out, and just remember we aren’t responsible for the fear and havoc you may unleash on your once peaceful neighborhood!

Best 6 Drone Pranks For This Halloween

Flying Clown Haunts

In this Flying Clown Haunts Neighborhood Video, we are shown a quite upper-scale neighborhood that could befall some guaranteed fear after they see this clown. We all remember the fear that clowns caused in movies such as Stephen King’s “It”, and they have been popping up in urban areas as of late, scaring many.

The pilot could definitely stir up some fun anxiety inside a haunted house as well: imagine your guests coming up on the house, and then you could slowly raise the drone prank from behind a grave, producing a grade-A scare for everyone present! Certain people are just bound to be extra spooked by a clown: this symbol of a circus or carnival simply has the potential to spook quite heavily.

The Dead Cat Drone

In this Cat Drone video, we are shown a very delightfully morbid prank. We’re not absolutely sure if it is a freshly killed cat, or one that has been touched up by a professional taxidermist, but it’s pretty creepy nonetheless!.

As you keep watching, they delve into other animals, such as ostriches, sharks and badgers, and even go so far as to squirt water out of the back, simulating the dead animals need to relieve themselves right over an unsuspecting viewer!.

There is something about a once-alive animal that has seen better days flying overhead that is sure to creep people out. And with Halloween right around the corner, the opportunities to terrorize neighborhoods like this will be off the charts.

Flying Spider

Back in the early 1970’s, there were a few super-cool flicks that revolved around spiders like this as their grabbing fear factor. In our featured Flying Spider Prank video here, we are shown just how much you could scare someone, especially with expert flying skills.

There’s something about an insect such as a spider flying around in the air that will creep someone out in the mega- “Extra” arena, and if you position the drone just right, you can get some very cool takeoffs to scare someone head-on.

Imagine coming to your car in a parking lot at night and being descended upon by “Boris the spider”; this is a prank that seems as run-of-the-mill as it comes for Halloween, but is still full of endless possibilities.

Halloween Night Ghost Squad

In the Halloween Night Ghost Squad video, we get a peek at the fun that can take place with this Epic Halloween drone pranks during one of the most fun Halloween activities that exists: trick or treating.

When the throngs of candy-seeking kids come to your door this year, you could be the first on the block to put an extra punch into the presentation you give everyone when they come to your door.

Years ago when you may have visited the haunted house at Disneyland, you may have thought to yourself, “How do they make those ghosts fly like that?” Well, now that drones are available on the consumer level, you can have your very own horror show right in front of your house.

Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters

While watching the Sparked: a Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters video, you get a quick dose of entertainment. A man is burning the midnight oil, literally, and trying to get some work done on custom lampshades in his basement at night.

All of a sudden, the lamps rise up out of nowhere, and give him an astonishing private show. This is a great work that depicts truly dazzling moves, choreography like you would see on a live theater floor, and a memorizing sequence that takes place when the man is finally willing to try and “control” the drones himself.

We really appreciated the crackly old-time radio feel to this short film, as it shows that not every work depicting drones feels like a robotic presentation. Check it out, and dare to dream about devices “coming to life”.

Flying by Tom Mabe

As Halloween is just around the corner, we looked at what was the most Epic Halloween drone prank ever out there. This one is from Tom Mabe, a US comedian famous for tackling pesky telemarketers, junk email, bad customer service, and other topics that irk us all. He created the most epic Halloween drone prank or THE most epic of any Halloween pranks ever, for that matter.

He and his drone flying friend managed to make a Halloween reaper fly and scare the living bejesus out of people in all different locations. There is no need for more explanation, just check out the video (see kids at 1.48)

Do you want to try something similar?

Fellow Dronethusiasts are also planning a similar prank this coming Halloween. Meet Anil Gosine of Toronto, Ontario – a fun loving drone enthusiast – who also attached a spooky Halloween reaper to his DJI Phantom FC40.

Our addition to the idea is that it might be a good idea to put some tape over the signal lights for the time of the flight, so it is not obvious that the drone is carrying the reaper. Anil, we need your video when it’s ready 🙂
halloween drone reaper

Here is how Anil made the attachment:

halloween prank attachment RC Drone Flying Ghost video and How to Build It

Last but not least, in the Epic Halloween Drone prank Flying Ghost video, we are shown a bit of a “how-to” as far as making a drone ghost work, with this one being in the “Dangling” category. The drone itself is not disguised or covered with the ghost’s costume, but dangled below the drone.

This may make some think that it would take the element of surprise out of the fun, but the ghost still looks menacing, and you could have a lot of fun with pranks like this. Our favorite video had to be with the dead cats hands down, but this one is still a solid and quirky watch.

Towards the end you can see a bit of a “fail” when the ghost accidentally drops from overhead, and the pilot is lucky that at least he did get the ghost caught up in the nearby tree!

Epic Halloween Drone Prank - Dronethusiast
Article Name
Epic Halloween Drone Prank - Dronethusiast
Epic Halloween Drone Prank by Tom Mabe, attaching a spooky reaper to a drone.

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