Kauai From the Na Pali Coastline to the thick jungles where “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was filmed over two decades ago, the garden isle of Kauai is one that has a character truly distinct from the other Hawaiian Islands. Drones are doing so many cool things these days, but you almost have to agree that flying over amazing locations like this can truly take the cake. Slowly rising and gleaning footage from the early morning mist, the Phantom 3 really does an excellent job of showing us just how lush and green Kauai is.

At some points it could be mistaken for Thailand, Bali, and even South America, and this is part of the allure to this locale. The Phantom 3 executes nicely the slow starts from different vantage points, and is shown producing footage near Hanalei Bay that looks reminiscent of Rice Paddies, and a timeless location where you forget electricity even exists. The pilot seems to up the speed a bit when he gets closer to the water, and it works quite well. The photography is beautiful in places where no human could get shots like this alone: Perched at the top of a waterfall suits the Phantom 3 perfectly, and really shows what techies and shutterbugs were having lucid daydreams about years ago: ultimate control over something much sleeker than a helicopter.

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As the elevation slowly rises over the pier of Hanalei Bay, a perfect rotational pan is executed, making the pier slowly spin almost like a pattern of fabric or tethered anchor. The difference between flying in a straight line over the coast and slowly zooming out backwards from the lighthouse is edited nicely towards the end, and this is really a nice piece overall just to show the sense of motion and color that can only be evoked from overhead. One good thing about this video is that as advancements in the drone community are going to become more rapid over the days to come, this is still some of the prime eye candy that everyone will enjoy: a location that is simply gorgeous and multi-layered, hovered over, risen up upon, and captured video of from a killer current model.


Shot on DJI Phantom 3 Professional in 4K.
Footage graded with stock plugins in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The Production Company CELADORA: celadorastudios.com

Kauai | The Garden Island (DJI Phantom 3 Professional – 4K) from Eric Thayne on Vimeo.

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