Welcome to 2017 and welcome to our New Years Eve video post! I wanted to get this out earlier, but the time just flies by it’s already the 4th day of 2017!

Here follows a guest article from a friend of mine in Pakistan, his English is actually fantastic but you’ll still notice it can be unique in some ways, but the videos are what count!

New Years Eve Drone Videos 2017

The following videos highlight some a drone’s best features as they can go places where a man cannot and bring back valuable information.

However, in this case, it was beautiful pictures of people celebrating an almost universal holiday that is common to people everywhere.

We have gathered for you some footage for you that shows the different people having fun and in celebration. This is what drones are made for. Exploration, discovery, and finding out more about the world around us instead of being used to fight wars and intimidate people. Today we are going to show you five places in the world where aerial photography helps bring us the New Year and share it with us.

1. San Antonio NYE 2017 – Footage from Downtown San Antonio DJI Phantom 3 – Altered Vision Studios

One of the greatest footages I’ve seen of a NYE Fireworks show. This jazzy soundtrack goes perfectly with the season and gives you a positive and good vibrating feeling.

This view of San Antonio is like no other, Altered Vision Studios planned so well this aerial video, you won’t feel the 2 minute-length of it.

2. UHD 4K New Year 2017 fireworks in Poland from DRONES – Drones Polska

A great 3-minute video with crisp clear images of the 2017 Fireworks display over Poland. The drone’s motion is not apparent and there is no jitter at all. The soundtrack plays along and at the crescendo, the sky lights up with the final burst of the strike of 2016’s midnight last bell toll ushering 2017.

3. New Year Fireworks Dubai 2017 – Burj Khalifa Fireworks Live Show

Dubai is famous for its one of a kind extreme lifestyle where the outrageous (by our standards) is the norm, home of the only 7-star hotel in the world and other cloud-piercing edifices. This makes the perfect backdrop for one of the most expensive fireworks displays ever produced at the Burj Khalifa.

It looks like the drone is hovering at the seaside. In addition, the needle-shaped tower juts over 800 meters into the sky with its massive fireworks display shooting out the sides of the building making it look like a gigantic Roman Candle.

The entire building lights up with a multi-million dollar LED display to a modernistic New Age/Rock beat. All around the building, a massive water & light show ensues in time with the music.

The entire city then bursts into a glitter of fireworks and smoke. The music shifts tempo to a classical beat and the drone changes from a distant view to the base of one of the tallest buildings in the world.

4. London Fireworks 2017 – New Years Eve Fireworks UK

Another great view of one of the most iconic cities in the world, London is the city of Empire and Mystery, lights up the sky and you can see all of its modern splendor highlighted by the fireworks that let the world know another year is gone and a bright new prosperous one is being ushered in. Big Ben and the Giant Ferris Wheel have center stage as a massive fireworks display goes off behind it captured for your viewing pleasure.

While it seems pale when compared to, the display put on by the city for the 2012 Olympics. But, times have changed and perhaps budgets are tight at #10 Downing Street. However, all things considered, this footage makes a visual impact that is one that will give the Brits something to be proud of.

5. Stockholm New Year Aerial Fireworks 2017

Stockholm one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe where the standard of living is high and the people are no stranger to the excitement the world. The entire city is lit and the camera catches all the action from a good angle. However, the engine noise distracts from the beauty and the image is a little blurred. Not the worse of 2017 aerial photography but it needs more work to make it a classic. There are voices in the background and this tends to distract the viewer as it from a commercial flight rather than a drone.

6. Penang New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2017 @ Straits Quay Aerial View

Penang’s aerial view has a strong soundtrack with a lot of horn to set the stage. Similar to the music used in the Transformer movies. The drone sweeps in for the sea and captures the city as it lights up in a display of light around the rectangular Quay Mall area where some of the best entertainment food and shopping in the Malaysian straits can be found. Yachts tied up are visible and the area is filled with partying tourists and Malaysians alike. The drone is flying toward the center of the action and the quay is encircled with white lights that set a counterpoint to all the multicolored fireworks going off around the center of the city. The video is a little over 2 minutes in length, it shows that the Malaysians really enjoy ushering in the New Year. The area is built up from land reclaimed and the George Town residents hope it will become a major attraction for tourists and yachtsmen throughout Micronesia and Southeast Asia.

Final thoughts

Aerial views give us a better picture of what’s happening in the real world. The drone and the other forms of aerial photography are now opening up the world to a better life for many in the hard-hit parts of the world.

Drones are even now taking medical supplies to places where roads and transportation are non-existent, as well as scout out disaster sites to find the lost and the hurt.

2017 is a new year and we hope the advances made in drone technology will be applied for uses like:

● Searching for minerals in desolate places
● Opening up the oceans for exploration and discovery
● Exploring places where men are forbidden to go

Drone Hobbyists lead the way and you are the ones who will discover the new uses for drones in this coming New Year.

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