Black Friday and Cyber Monday RC boat deals are now available!. We'll be busy keeping this page updated with all the updated deals as they become available.

This year we're focusing on RC products that are sold by retailers and manufacturers that we trust. There's nothing worse than finding a good discount only to be left with a cheap piece of plastic that isn't worth the box that it came in. You won't find the kind of no-name, low-quality RC boats on this list that seem to be all over Amazon these days. When you're looking for an RC boat this holiday season, we suggest that you stick with a brand you can trust like Traxxas and Altair!

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If you’ve never invested in an RC boat before, Cyber Monday & Black Friday are the best times of the year to do so. RC boats can make great gifts for the holiday season for people of all ages.

At Dronethusiast, we test RC products nearly every day and are plugged into the industry, so we’re the first to know about savings during this time. Some sales have already been announced, and some are starting early so be sure to check this article regularly so you never miss a chance to save some money on the best RC boats.

Here are our top choices for RC boats to pick up this holiday season on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We’ll talk about what kind of sales will be available and what you should look for in an RC boat, so make sure you keep reading.

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You're in the right place if you're looking for all the Cyber Monday and Black Friday RC Boat deals in 2023. Our team at Dronethusiast will be your eyes and ears this year, so you don't miss out on any RC Boat discounts this holiday season!

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This year, we're going to be paying extra close attention to company reputation in our reviews. With so many companies out there selling RC products it's hard to know who to trust, and nobody wants to give or receive a gift that just ends up in the trash!

You can trust that all of us at Dronethusiast stand behind our reviews 100%. Everyone on our editorial staff has a passion for high-quality RC products that bring out the joy in our lives! If you ever have a comment or question, please reach out to me at kennedy@dronethusiast.com or you can leave a comment below!


Cyber Monday & Black Friday RC Boats Deals

Let's take a look at what we believe will be the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday RC Boat Deals in 2023.


Altair AA102 - Best Overall Deal

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Click here to See it On Amazon! or you can get fast and free shipping from the manufacturer's website at AltairAerial.com.

For the best overall deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out the Altair AA102 RC boat. This comes with great features for both beginners, and extreme hobbyists and will be available at a discounted price.

It has an anti-capsize hull system which helps you stay in control of your boat while you’re racing on the water. Just turn the wheel on the controller to get your boat back upright if it flips over.

The AA102 also comes with two batteries giving you about 20 minutes of racing time total. Drivers will enjoy racing this boat up to 20 mph, too, which is a pretty good speed for both beginners and experienced drivers.

Altair is an amazing company to buy from because of their unparalleled customer service. You can assure you’ll be taken care of and that all your questions and concerns will be resolved.


Traxxas DCB M41 - Best Professional RC Boat

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Maybe you know someone who has been driving RC boats for years and want to gift them with an amazing new model. Look no further than the Traxxas DCB M41. This is the best professional RC boat to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is a large boat that can reach speeds over 50mph with its high-output brushless motor. Despite its speed, it's still extremely easy to use with a simple remote transmitter that includes trim functions.

Traxxas is the best known brand for professional RC boats and they include a unique stability system in their RC products which prevents the boat from losing control and flipping over in the water. If you buy from Traxxas, you can guarantee a high-quality product that will give you never ending fun.

It comes ready-to-run right out of the box and will be on sale at a discounted price so be sure to check it out this holiday season.


The Wave - Best Budget RC Boat for Kids

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Click here to See it On Amazon! or you can get fast and free shipping from the manufacturer's website at AltairAerial.com.

If you’re on a tighter budget during Cyber Monday or Black Friday, but still want an RC boat with great features, the Wave will be a good choice for you. This budget option doesn’t skimp out on any features and includes great customer service which is why it’s on the list.

The Wave includes two batteries for 20 minutes of driving time, and comes with low-battery and out-of-range alarms. You’ll never lose control of the boat and know when it’s time to bring it to shore.

Altair Aerial, the people who make the Wave, are known for their outstanding customer services and are a trusted RC brand. They're one of the only US-Based firms (located in Lincoln, Nebraska). That itself makes this boat worth buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Drivers will also enjoy the boat’s hull system which helps keep the boat upright in the water and helps prevent it from capsizing too often.



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This is a unique RC item as it’s a drone that can be used three different ways, one of being in the water. This fun toy is great RC boat for kids who love being outside and the best news is that you can buy it for a low price on Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Place this drone in a floating foam hull and drive it in the water. You can also drive this on pavement and fly it in the air.

It comes with a 6 minute battery life which is rather short, but you can always buy extra batteries to have more play time in the water.

The E016F model also has return-to-home functions which will bring the drone back to where it took off.

No other toy is as versatile as this one and is great for teaching kids basic motor skills while they have fun using this drone in many different ways. Our favorite is definitely racing it in the water, but the possibilities are endless.


Pro Boat Stealthwake 23'' Deep-V Speed Boat

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Check out the Pro Boat Stealthwake on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a great mid-range drone that could be the perfect fit for a beginner.

Not only is it extremely easy to use, but it can reach serious speeds too.

One setback is that the battery life is only about 10 minutes which is short for a drone at this price point. However, consider bundling the boat with some extra batteries this holiday shopping season to be able to drive it for much longer.


Force1 H102 Velocity RC Boat

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Get this best selling RC boat on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The Force1 H102 is a great choice and has all the essential features for racing in the water.

It reaches high speeds of nearly 25 mph and has a range of 150 meters. Plus, one unique and exciting feature is that it can perform 180 degree flips in the water which makes for some fun racing experiences.

There is also a capsize recovery system built into the boat to help you get it upright if it turns over in the water. Plus, Force1 has pretty good customer service and will be available to answer any questions you may have or solve any issues you might run into.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

1. Set a budget

RC boats have a wide range of price points so think about setting a budget so you know what kinds of boats to choose from. One great thing about Cyber Monday and Black Friday is the sales may knock a more expensive RC boat into your price range, giving you a great deal on a great boat. If you’re shopping online, be sure to take into account shipping costs as part of your budget.

2. Research different RC boat brands

There are a variety of RC boat manufacturers that will be running sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To be sure you are buying from a trusted company, try and do some research to find out what their customer service is like, their return policies, and if other customers have had good buying experiences from them. Choosing the first RC boat you see could lead you to buying a cheaply made RC boat from a company with bad customer service.

3. Decide where to shop

Choose ahead of time where you’d like to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you’re shopping in stores, do research in your area on the store's security and plan of action for Black Friday to prevent yourself from having a run-in with aggressive shoppers.
For online shoppers, Amazon will most likely have the largest stock and biggest variety so they are a good place to start. Also consider shopping on websites that offer things such as free shipping, or buy one get one deals to maximize on your savings.

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