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DJI Phantom Versions Compared – Which One Should You Get?

dji phantom 2 product line

By Mark Richardson DJI Phantom Version Comparison If you’re in the market for a DJI Phantom quadcopter to suit your aerial photography needs, you basically have three different choices. These can be found on the comparison chart that appears on the main DJI website. When you open that particular page, you’ll find the various DJI Phantom versions available. The least ... Read More »

Phantom Carbon Fiber Propellers – Fiber vs. Plastic

By Oscar Liang As I have explained how to choose propellers size and pitch before, in this post we will mainly focus on the type of material, how it could affect flight performance and the value. Good props can improve your aircraft’s control-ability, increase the battery life, improve your video quality, and many other good things. Carbon Fiber Propeller Cons and Pros ... Read More »

Y6 Copter, Y3 Copter & other Multicopter Configurations

By Oscar Liang The commonly known helicopter has one motor, while a multicopter is a unique kind of aircraft that is equipped with two or more motors. Multicopters often use fixed-pitch propellers, so the control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each motor. Radio controlled multicopters are increasingly popular to be used as a low-budget ... Read More »

FPV System Basics Vol. 2 – Installation, Setup and Safety

By Mark Cocquio   In our previous article, Chris Dorling talked about some of the basic options for getting started with FPV systems. Today I’ll go into a little bit more detail about some of the technology, as well as looking at installation procedures and options for getting your FPV system setup going. Some more introductory FPV topics Learning to ... Read More »

FPV System Basics – Goggles, Glasses and Frequencies

By Chris Dorling FPV (First Person View) is a unique addictive and almost surreal flying experience! After years of dreaming about being able to do this, we can finally fly from a pilot’s perspective! Affordable FPV systems have appeared within the last decade. As an aeromodeller, it opened up a whole new world of flying to me. What was once ... Read More »

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization Comparison

Regarding DJI Phantom 2 Vision Video Stabilization, I am sure a lot of you got into flying quads for the purpose of creating some stunning aerial shots to share with friends or online via the social networks. This was something I got really excited about also. The ability to record footage from the sky gives a brand new perspective to things ... Read More »