The Sarvar Spa in Hungary is just a quick beauty video of Sárvár Spa in a nice little town in Western Hungary called Sárvár. It’s name comes from the combination of two Hungarian words for “mud” (sár) and “castle” (vár). It in fact has a very nice castle, now called the Nádasdy Castle which played a significant role in the progress of Hungarian culture in the 16th and 17th centuries. The first Hungarian book, The New Testament of 1541, was printed here.

In the Sarvar area, healing water which springs from a depth of 1200 metres reaches a temperature of 43 °C, while the water which originates from a depth of 2000 metres has a very high salt content and reaches the much higher temperature of 83 °C. From the 83 °C rich saline water, the famous Sarvar crystal is produced through the process of evaporation. This salt abundant medicinal healing water can be used effectively in the treatment of certain ailments and locomotive diseases as well as for dermatology and gynecology.

The city is also home to many spa hotels offering thermal bath treatments using the unique water source. The most renowned one is Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa, also seen in the video.


Sarvar Spa in Hungary - Dronethusiast

Sarvar Spa in Hungary. This is just a quick beauty video of Sárvár Spa in a nice little town in Western Hungary called Sárvár.

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