Last week we have posted the best drone videos of 2014 here on so you can pick the one you like best. To our utmost surprise, the first drone porn video “The Drone Boning” only came in second, although the wast majority of our viewers are male.

Here they are, these are the Top 10 videos based on your selection. Enjoy!

1. A Drone In Iceland 30% of Votes

This was shot at 2.7k at 30fps and then slowed it down to 24fps in post. Slowing the footage down 20% gives it a slightly dreamy look.

2. Drone Boning 26% of Votes

It was only a matter of time that a drone porn movie emerged and to be honest, we feel that this attempt is more of an example of beautiful aerial photography or even art than regular pornography.

3. OK Go Music Video 13% of Votes

Music video by LA based alternative rock band OK Go is again a perfect example of heartwarming and positive use of UAV technology.

4. Epic Halloween Drone Prank 4% of Votes

We looked at what was the most epic Halloween drone prank ever out there. This one is from Tom Mabe, a US comedian famous for tackling pesky telemarketers, junk email, bad customer service, and other topics that irk us all. He created the most epic Halloween drone prank or THE most epic of any Halloween pranks ever, for that matter. He and his drone flying friend managed to make a Halloween reaper fly and scare the living bejesus out of people in all different locations. There is no need for more explanation, just check out the video (see kids at 1.48).

5. Star Wars Inspired Drone Race 4% of Votes

An association of drone flying FPV (First Person View) and modeling enthusiasts called Airgonay decided to recreate that scene by organizing a preparatory run of a major drone race they plan to organize in the future. NoComp, the President of Airgonay hopes to invite all the best drone racing pilots to the event. What they did this time was a trial run of the race, but it was equally awesome, so we can’t imagine how cool the full race will be. The chase took place in a specially designated area provided by the local city council in order to ensure safety.

6. Stunning Use of Drones by Cirque du Soleil 4% of Votes

The Stunning Use of Drones by Cirque du Soleil showing the harmony of technology and creativity.

7. Drone Crashing into Blue Mosque 4% of Votes

This is one of the most amazing “ouch” videos we have seen lately. A less cautious drone pilot sent his drone crashing into Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Appears to be a DJI Phantom and being able to stabilize was pretty miraculous. Lucky for the pilot who either lost control of the aircraft or hit the mosque because of the lag in FPV feed. Can’t think of any other explanation, but it’s a pretty nice head on collision. One could not do better even trying to do this on purpose.

8. Angry Ram takes down a drone 4% of Votes

Angry Ram takes down a drone. Surely many of you guys have seen this but it is epic. Rambro the Angry Ram, putting the ram in rampage.

9. Spaxels Lightpainting with Drones 4% of Votes

Spaxels Lightpainting with Drones. Shots are done in Linz, Austria.

10. Volcano Eruption Drone Video 4% of Votes

This Volcano Eruption Drone Video was made with the DJI Phantom 2. The Video was shot at the Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland by Eric Cheng, the pilot and the editor of this footage.

Top 10 Drone Videos of 2014 Based on Your Votes

The Top 10 best drone videos of 2014 based on the votes of readers.

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