Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s an election year in the good old United States and we’re all being submitted to the abuse of political adds left and right, Trump here and Hillary there! So I thought we should take a minute to do some political activities in support of our favorite Drone Blogs! Welcome to our 2016 poll for the best drone blogs!

Voting Rules

Take a minute to check the box next to your best drone blogs, you can choose up to FOUR blogs to vote for. The votes will be tallied on April 30th, 2016 so you have a little over 30 days to mobilize your friends and family and get them here to vote for your favorite blogs!

The top 20 blogs at the end of the voting period will be featured in an extensive post describing each blog, who runs it, their history, what they do etc. We will link to their homepage and a few of their top blog posts and hopefully spread the word about the most popular drone blogs in 2016!

I will be pretty upset if Dronethusiast doesn’t make the top 20, however, since we’re hosting the blog we will exempt ourselves from taking one of the top 20 spots so there’s no unfairness since we’re hosting the competition!

Each drone blog is listed alphabetically, if you’re having trouble locating your favorite simply push ctrl + F and type in the blogs title and you should find it quickly, email me if you think I’m missing any blogs and I’ll try to add them to the list!

Take a Minute To Vote, and share this poll on facebook with all your friends or promote this on your own blog you have 1 month to get as many voters here as you can!

Poll removed when we do a new one will add here

Thanks for voting, we welcome you to take a look around at some of our other posts. We recently went over the top drone flight simulator software and we published a giant post on FPV systems! Sign up for our email list and share this poll on facebook or email it to your friends to get them to vote! We want to see a huge turn out so we can really see who’s the most popular drone blogger out there in 2016!

There are 2 comments:

  • Lucien Vaillancourt at 8:05 pm

    Thanks for posting this list of sites.

  • Terry Folk at 7:46 pm

    This whole drone thing is all about fun and games and how much fun they are to fly with Amazon and hundred there stores wanting to use them to ship product, and local, state, and federal agencies wanting to see them from their purposes and on and on.
    I don’t know about you but we already have way to much eye pollution and sky pollution with all the planes and before long I will be sitting on my deck looking up at the sky and clouds to escape and will see nothing but 100’she of stupid little drones flying around. Government needs to do something now before this gets out of hand. Drone over my property definitely gets shot down.

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