Have you seen this new project on Kickstarter? After many gimmicky projects with souped up videos that promise a lot but bound to come short or the ones that are simply kind of stupid, this is really a great idea. I personally haven’t seen anything this exciting on Kickstarter since the Hoverbike. X PluseOne is a hybrid drone, something between multirotors like the DJI Phantom and Flying Wings like the TBS Caipirinha.

The X PlusOne takes off, hovers, and lands like a traditional quadcopter, but that’s where the similarities with a multi-rotor stop.  The key differentiator is this: In place of the quadcopter frame is an upward facing wing.  This allows the X PlusOne to pitch over 90 degrees and fly nose-first at over 60 mph (100 km/h), twice as fast as a traditional quadcopter!  Flight control is handled by varying motor speed to provide pitch, roll, and yaw control, even in forward flight mode.  There are no traditional flight control surfaces on the X PlusOne.  Thereby saving weight and complexity and ensuring the overall design remains clean and efficient.


The X PlusOne is a Pro when it comes to precision stabilized hover.  We designed the control algorithms so the craft remains rock solid, even in windy conditions.

x plusone hover

The X PlusOne taking off


Speed isn’t normally associated with most of the drones out there.  We changed that!  Ever heard of a multi-rotor taking great aerial shots at 100 km/h?  Well, now you have!

The X PlusOne in speed flight

The X PlusOne in speed flight

A Drone Redefined

The X PlusOne doesn’t just fly around looking great (although it does), it’s an aerial camera drone too!  The creators want to offer the X PlusOne with an array of filming apparatus, from a simple mini DV camera to the ever-popular GoPro.  The also want to equip them with a gimbal, which is an interesting technical challenge for the high speed part of the flight. Can it be done? Sure.

A Done Redefined

A Done Redefined

Easy to Fly

From its inception the X PlusOne was designed with the average operator in mind.  The creators promise that if you can fly a multi-rotor or an RC airplane, you can fly the X PlusOne.  The craft self-stabilizes in both hover and forward flight modes.  Transitioning between the two is a matter of simply flipping one switch.

So I personally feel that this is a crowdfunding project with lot of merit. A hybrid drone! It looks exciting, it’s fresh so I would not hesitate backing them. Of course precaution is needed as many crowdfunding project are extremely delayed or come short of what they advertise but what I like about this one is that it does not want to over promise with a zillion gimmicky features. The flight time they suggest at 10-15 minutes is kind of standard, but it can surely be enhanced in the future. It’s based on a fresh concepts that should work if perfected. And after watching their prototype flight video over at their home page, I feel that this one should work.

Here are some more features and specs for the geek in you:

Key Features

  • A speed demon: Need to follow a fast subject or want some super-cool flybys?  The patent pending design of the X PlusOne has you covered with ultra-fast cruise mode with speeds over 60 mph (100 km/h).
  • The hover ship: A stable quadcopter when you need it for tight takeoffs and landings or when shooting stills.
  • Easy to fly: Stabilized in both hover and cruise modes.  Auto recovery switch ensures that if you get in trouble, one flip of a switch will put the craft into auto-level hover.
  • Capable for the pro: If you’re already an expert, disable stabilization for amazing aerobatics, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with an RC aircraft.
  • Ultimate GoPro accessory:  With multiple options for mounting GoPro action cameras, your inner aerial cinematographer will never be in want with the X PlusOne.
  • Stable camera platform: Optimized control algorithms and an optional 2-axis brushless camera gimbal mean you get rock solid, silky smooth aerial video and stills.
  • Ready to fly – and film: Ready To Fly and Film packages get you everything you need to keep up with the action.  All Ready To Fly packages include the assembled X PlusOne, motors and electronics, 2.4 GHz transmitter, battery, and charger.  The Ready To Film packages also throw in a micro DV or GoPro Hero camera!
  • Safe: The X PlusOne is rich in safety features including Safe-Arm and Auto-Recovery.


X PlusOne Hybrid Drone

  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 19 x 14 inches
  • Flying weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Patent-pending hybrid quadcopter flying wing design
  • Speed range: hover – 60 mph (100 kph)
  • Flight time: 10-15 minutes
  • Breaks down for easy transportation
  • Optional 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro
  • Optional fixed GoPro mount
  • Optional fixed micro DV camera
  • Optional GoPro Hero HD action camera
X PlusOne: The Ultimate Hover and Speed Hybrid Drone
Article Name
X PlusOne: The Ultimate Hover and Speed Hybrid Drone
X PluseOne is a hybrid drone, something between multirotors like the DJI Phantom and Flying Wings like the TBS Caipirinha. The X PlusOne takes off, hovers, and lands like a traditional quadcopter, but that's where the similarities with a multi-rotor stop.

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