DJI has finally given us an official “dji phantom 4 video” (at least that’s what I’m calling it, even though its not really offical yet) of what the reveal is going to be for March 1st.

It’s pretty easy to see that they’re finally providing video proof that it will be the dji Phantom 4, or whatever the exact name will be is still really unknown, but it is fairly clearly a Phantom line new quad copter for and it does come directly from DJI so it cuts out all the rumors side of it and takes it to fact.

I wanted to get this video out to everyone to take a look at, in case you don’t subscribe to the DJI youtube channel, so here you go, and check out our details post on dji phantom 4 leaks and rumors. 

The reason we’re not adding much to this post is because as you can see in the video, they don’t really give us much to talk about. The real story here is that this is straight from the official youtube channel of DJI.

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