Have you wondered how you can use your quadcopter? Well, surely this is not one of them. But the Guys at Hypervision in Australia wanted to check out if you can “undress” a young lady with your drone. The other way could be to just hang a nice diamond necklace on the bird and fly in front of her. Did that give you and idea how to propose next time? Shows you the importance of prop guards. Rotor blades spin really fast, so make sure you take good care not to hurt anyone.

Safe flying!

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Importance of prop guards - Dronethusiast

Importance of prop guards. And How (Not) to Undo a Girl's Bikini with a Drone. Have you wondered how you can use your quadcopter?

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  • Rene trujillo at 4:33 pm

    very nice.

  • Jesus m Fuentes at 4:41 pm

    I love new and cool technology. I have a son I would love to share this drone with especially since he loves try to invent all kinds of things. I think the drone would be a great way for my 11 year old son and I to do something together and also do some bonding. It will surely encourage him as well.

    • Zsolt Vaszary at 7:20 pm

      Hi Jesus. Head on over to our Facebook page where you have a chance to win a Phantom 2. All you have to do is share the post and sign up for our newsletter. At the same time, if you do win or buy a quad, be sure to supervise your son because these larger quads are targeted for adults. Blades are fast and a lot of precaution is needed. But you are right, a great way for you guys to bond. Perfect Father Son time.

  • Ben Huss-Smickler at 10:16 am

    a great informative video. I couldn’t agree more “the prop guards are there to protect the craft, not people.”

  • Augusto Segovia at 8:28 pm

    very good tips for safety flight around peoples

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