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Control a Drone with Your Body : Exosuit FlyJacket

exosuit flyjacket control drone with body

Drones continue to expand their daily uses as each day passes. We’re finding tasks for them to complete that we likely would have never even considered if this was only a mere two years ago. Their technology continues to amaze us as their abilities continue to grow with each new model that hits the market. One common issue that researchers ... Read More »

Drone Light Show Steals the Show at Coachella

It’s not surprising that we are seeing drones more often each day. As their technology and capabilities improve, they are being used for more neat jobs and really opening up a new world that we never thought possible. Not only are drones able to do more of the mundane work that humans no longer have to bother with, they are ... Read More »

Airbus Reveals Advanced Airplane Inspection Drone

As drone technology continues to advance, we continue to see new tasks that they are able to complete. Drones are making work environments more efficient as they continue to save time by doing work that was once done manually by humans. They also remove much of the human error factor from the equation, which makes using them even more enticing ... Read More »

Russian Mail Delivery Drone Crashes in its First Flight

When new drones are unveiled to demonstrate their presumably awesome abilities, the expectation and hopes are that the first flight goes off without a hitch. A smooth first flight will increase everyone’s interest in it and show spectators that there is nothing to fear as we move towards this new technology. Unfortunately for a Russian mail delivery drone, the first ... Read More »

Blood Delivery Drone Applies for US Trial

Drones are being used more often each and every day for a variety of tasks. From parcel deliveries, food deliveries, and even security services, their abilities advance with each new model that hits the market. In France, you can even get a speeding ticket with the aid of a drone that monitors busy highways. Zipline, a drone company that runs ... Read More »

Getting Your Drone License – What It Is And How To Get It

The first ever drone license, also known as a remote pilot certification, was launched by the FAA in the United States during August of 2016. The Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate is the certification that gives drone users the ability to take an exam on a federal level and further classify themselves as a licensed commercial drone pilot in legal ... Read More »

Russian Drone Pilot Takes Drone to New Heights

Drones are becoming more sophisticated with each new model that hits the market. From clearer cameras equipped with infrared to new achievable speeds, we continue to see advancements that were never thought of only a few years ago. They’re being used not only by hobbyists now, but also by many businesses. On March 9th, Денис Корякин (Denis Koryakin) flew his ... Read More »

Drone Footage Shows China’s Blossoming Landscape

Each Spring, the beautiful flowers bloom and the browned grass that suffered through a winter of cold temperatures comes back to life in a resilient green. This is certainly a gorgeous sight to see up close, but imagine the sheer beauty of it when seeing it from a bird’s eye view. A drone pilot in China has made this dream ... Read More »

Audi and Airbus Flying Taxi Drone

Drone popularity continues to skyrocket in almost every country. Though flying drones were originally used in the military and flown at home as a hobby, their abilities continue to grow and their use continues to expand. They are still being used as a fun toy for many, but numerous jobs and companies are now using them as a tool for ... Read More »