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DJI Inspire 1 Goes To Market at $2899 – First Hands On Test Video

The New DJI Inspire 1

The New Inspire 1 After some images and specs leaked ahead of launch, DJI formally announced the new DJI Inspire 1 “prosumer” quadcopter at a high profile ceremony in San Francisco, tweeted and covered live by many enthusiasts and news outlets. The new high end consumer product is probably the most expensive quad any private individual would consider buying, since ... Read More »

DJI Inspire 1 Drone With 4K Camera Leaked Before Launch

As we have reported earlier, DJI Innovations is adopting an increasingly Apple like product announcement strategy by keeping a tight lip on new additions to their multirotor product lines. The upgraded DJI Phantom 2 line has only been announced in late October and we covered the main additions to the best selling DJI line of products here and specifically the Vision+. ... Read More »

Meet Matternet, The Startup That’s Using Drones To Change The World

When Andreas Raptopoulos and his team got stuck in a 20-truck convoy completely marooned in mud while navigating between villages in Papua New Guinea, it was incredibly frustrating. It was also a validation of his work. Raptopoulos is the cofounder and CEO of a startup called Matternet, which makes drones, though he refuses to use that word. He prefers to call them small unmanned ... Read More »

FAA Confirms: Small Drone Regulations to Be Announced by End of Year

After years of waiting, a Federal Aviation Administration official said the agency was close to releasing a ruling that would give commercial entities greater access to fly small unmanned aerial system in the domestic airspace. The proposed ruling, which the agency has been working on over the past year, is currently being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget, ... Read More »

The First Attempt at Peer-To-Peer Drone Delivery

In the not even so recently started and currently ongoing hype around delivery drones by small and large companies and startups alike, there are very few that actually already sport a physical product. Not to mention real test flights solving existing problems. Do not misunderstand us, we value the power of innovation and can’t wait to have some of those drones in ... Read More »

Racing Quadcopters – an Intro to FPV Quacopter Racing

The world of racing quadcopters is still in its infancy, but it’s rapidly gathering momentum across the world as people discover the thrill of being able to zoom around with their friends, defying gravity in a 3D space. If you’re into drones and FPV, you’ve almost certainly seen the post about the French Airgonay team, featuring pilots zooming through the ... Read More »

UAV Finds Car After Accident

An UAV owner was right near by an accident and they rescue folks asked for his. And that is exactly what he did. Someone threw a pumpkin at a car on the highway and the driver lost control and slammed into the lake. He got out safe, but the tow truck operators had a hard time locating the vehicle. Here ... Read More »

Nixie the First Wearable Quadcopter wins $500.000 prize

We have already covered drones that will follow you, but there is a new project worth mentioning that promises just that, but with a special twist. The Nixie is the first wearable quadcopter that is worn on the wrist. Nixie announced today that it has won a prestigious wearable contest run by chip giant Intel. The contest called the Make It ... Read More »

International Drone Day | March 14, 2015

Our team has come across a great initiative, International Drone Day. We fully support any movement that sheds positive light on our hobby. This seems to be a brand new initiative and we have not been able to discuss things in detail with the organizers, so we hope it is fully legit. So let’s create teams in places there isn’t ... Read More »