Really interesting video here using a DJI Phantom 2, if you’re into cave diving, or really cool videos, you’re going to love this, sometimes a cave is so big, cavers can’t even see the roof of the cave with their torches. This drone flies above the hiker on the inside of the cave and gives us an amazing aerial view of the inside of Hang Son Doog!

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt on Vimeo.

These are the kinds of videos we look for from drones, footage you couldn’t get in any other way. It’s a beautiful journey through a beautiful cavern.

Hang Son Doog, the biggest cave in the world, explored on both foot and through the air using the Phantom 2. Learn what to do if you have a Phantom 2 fly away and need to track your lost drone here, be prepared!

I wish I had more opportunities like this in my local geographical area for amazing drone footage like this. Please drop a comment below if you like or dislike this kind of post, I think this video is beautiful!

The gear used on this journey is explained to be:

Canon 6D
Canon 16-35mm f4
Go Pro Hero 4 Black
DJI Phantom 2

You can find any of these items on amazon here if you’re looking to shop.

This footage was taken by

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