1. Chris Delaney, MD

    an excellent article that was sorely needed. It’s all a little intimidating, but this was a big help. I suggest that you teach us how to tell what the cell voltage is (I have a Phantom Vision+ 2).

  2. May we know what is TRICKLE CHARGING on Phantom V3 LiPo batteries? Thank you.

    • Hello Scarecrow. To my best knowledge, you should never apply a “trickle” charge to a Li-Po battery. Trickle charging at even the lowest possible rates will cause the cells within the battery to charge beyond 4.2V, resulting in cell damage and potential fire. Hope this helps.

      • cell chemistry and manufactures terminal voltage end point.
        I guess the people who designed these batteries should know how to charge them. It always talks about voltage not current. I do not know why anyone would want to charge at 100 milli amps, but as large as the charger stops at the right voltage then everything should be fine.

  3. Hello, who is the author of this article, could I get your e-mail address to follow-up with a few questions? I have reviewed a number of batteries, read dozens of articles and its really hard to understand a ‘better’ from a ‘worse’ battery as there are so many variables. Any thoughts as to which is an appropriate battery brand/model for general multicopter use? Thank you.

    • Hello. Any particular questions can come in a comment (we read each and every one), via the comment section or info@ address of our domain. Let us know if we can help.

  4. hello !
    my question is about the smaller batteries (250 or 380 or 500 mah) that come with the micro drones. they don’t come with a wall unit but a usb charger, so what happens if i connect it to my phone charger that puts out 5v at 1amp or even 2amp. second question is that can these batteries be charged from portable power cubes( meant for mobiles or tabs usually) ? mine puts out 5v at 2 amp.

    • The very reason I looked up this thread was to get an answer to the same question you asked.
      It amazed me that the guy who said ask anything right here on the thread instead of sending him a PM didn’t respond with a direct simple answer to you, me or anyone else who has the same question and who are complete newbies to rc batery charging.

      As for me, I’m reading that charging a 3.7 volt battery with a voltage higher than 4.2 volts will harm the battery.
      I’m also reading that for the mAh batteries you mentioned charging at 1 amp won’t be bad for the 500 mAh battery, will not be ideal for the 250mAh battery and would caluse no harm to the 380 mAh battery.

      One thing I was hoping to learn is whether a set of 4, 5 or 6 batteries that come with a bulk charger are wired internally with a circuit that at least regulates the volts down to 4.2. I guess I’ll have to find a volt meter and test the charger leads.

    • 250mah=.25A=1C, 380mah=.38A=1C, 500mah=.5A=1C, 1000mah=1A=1C, 1300mah=1.3A=1C, 1500mah=1.5A=1C, 2200mah=2.2A=1C… If you wanted to charge at exactly 1C you would need to use equil amp to capacity. That only really applies to larger batteries where you get to set up your charger. On the micro drones that come with their own usb charger that usb charger will have a BEC that will regulate the power down 4.2V to the battery. I’ve been using 1A and 2A phone chargers with not problems. Just make sure they don’t get hot and always watch them as they are charging.

  5. James14 my New 22.2 Volt 3200mah E Flite LIPO Battery SWELLED on third 5 minute Flight ,makes me ANGER!!!!!!

  6. Hey guys, great article and especially important for guys who are not used to dealing with and caring for RC LiPos. I found the lack of a decent way to discharge quickly to storage level quite a problem so I created a little gadget to do just that. I call it the Phantom Angel (because it protects your Phantom 🙂 ) and have many a bunch of them to share almost at cost to whoever’s interested. More info at http://phantomangel.rocks

  7. Hi, I want to fly on a commercial airliner with my P3 batteries. Any advice on the safest state to have the batteries in to take them on as hand luggage?


  9. Battery alarm? set to what? I set my 3S (1300mAh) to 10 Volts because with in 30 seconds of landing my voltage has raised back up to 10.7 volts, is that good or bad?

  10. Hello one question is not covered in whole topic ….can you tell if you purchased in North America .can it be use around the world .can you change in Europe and Asia? At 220v?

  11. I put to charged my lipo battery wrong, on life mode and now doesn’t work,, what can I do for fix it??

    • Hello. Sorry but not sure what life mode is. What type of multirotor are you flying? Might be able to check on it. If you attempted to charge it with the polarities mixed up than chances are you might have bricked it. If it’s a so called “smart battery”, it could have prevented that from happening but I assume it’s not because those are impossible to charge with the polarities mixed up.

  12. i have just purchased a DFI Phantom 3 Standard drone. Included was a charger for the battery, but not for
    the remote control unit. There is a USB cable, but not the small converter from AC to Dc. The literature
    says that it will take about 2 hours to charge the remote unit at 1.5 amps. I have a 1.0 amp. converter
    and a 1.2 amp. converter. No one has been able to tell me whether i can use either of these to charge
    the remote instead of a 1.5 amp. converter. Will I damage the unit by using a converter with less than
    the 1.5 amps?

    • Hello Jim. You are good to charge at 1.0 amp, it will just be slower. Just make sure you don’t charge at a higher rate than 1.5 amps.

  13. Hello Zslot!
    First, I want to thank you for taking the time to help us! You answered some questions when I first purchased my Phantom 3 Pro. My question now is: perhaps I missed it, but can we go by the percentage of charge to know where to leave the battery stored?
    Best regards,

  14. What is the cathode/anode/electrolyte for these cells? Why are the recommended temperatures so high compared to, for example, the traditional NCR 18650B cell? Again, what is the chemistry in these cells? Can these cells get 200 cycles at continuous 20C rates? That’s a 3 minute discharge. A cylindrical Li ion cell would melt at those rates. Ty for the article. Well written and informative. Ty in advance for answering my questions.

  15. Hi,

    I need massive help. I’m trying to get my DJI Inspire drone in it’s case which includes 3 spare batteries couriored from Thailand to South Africa through DHL but as they are lithium based batteries i need documentation to support that they are not hazardous. But from everything i’ve read online they are hazerdous. Most Airlines state you have to travel with them as online baggage but when i flew Emirates to Thailand there was no issue when i checked it in as baggage.

    Any idea what to do?

  16. It would seem to me that using an ammo can is not possible as there is no way the charging cord can lead into the can without having to drill a hole through the steel that’s big enough to thread the width of not only the cord but the plug

  17. I recently had a dji standard 3 “accident”. It fell in my swimming pool for about 10 seconds before I retrieved it. After disassembling, drying, and rebuilding the drone back to life, I tested it with a friend’s lipo battery and things worked fine! Yay my drone still works!

    BUT my predicament lies with my existing, “barely damaged” lipo battery. I have not yet charged it nor tested the battery. I’ve only inspected my battery visually and it looks fine to me. I am really not sure what to do. Any help please??

    • Pack the battery in some rice(Yes rice) and let it set there for about a week.
      If accessible clean the terminal with a paper towel and check for any corrosion. If present wipe it off.
      Using a metal box or Lipo bag charge the battery while inside the box or bag.( Metal box will require a small hole of slot for the charger cord.) After a full charge note the condition of the battery: Did it fully charge? If not then discard. Is the battery swollen? If so discard. If the battery seemed to take a full or close to full charge and it is not swollen try it out in your drone.
      After using it in your drone again check for damage. mark the battery as WET and keep an eye on it in the future. If moisture has gotten into the battery it will probably fail at some time. Moisture is BAD.
      Let me know. Be safe/Have fun

  18. I have a SkyViper stunt drone with a 500 mAH 3.7v battery and was having a problem charging it Ive read it should only take about a hour and a half to fully charge and I’ve waited almost 3 hours and I connected it to my drone and nothing happened I can’t move it or anything the little light on it wont come on either

  19. Great article. Very helpful and let us know the basic ideas about charging and discharging and various other factors responsible for LIPO batteries.
    Thanks man

  20. Hi, i recently purchased a quadcopter with 3.7V/350mah lipo battery.
    My question is whether using a 3.7V/1100mah battery will extend the flight time.

  21. Where can I find the charger with 3 plugs to charge 3 battery’s? Promark vr

  22. Hi Zsolt. I just bought a 2.4 GHz sky master quadrocopter from propel. Do you know where I can buy more batteries cause they really last not long. Thank you

  23. Which battery works with the sky master quadro
    copter from propel? I also bought one for my granddaughter and need additional rechargeable batteries. There is no number on the battery but the ac adapter says 240V.

  24. Joseph Hari S. dela Peña

    Hello, just asking my battery is at 72% capacity, should i replaced and never use it again?

  25. Hi,

    I want to charge the battery of my drone by inductive charging. The problem is that I am not sure which specifications the charger should have taking into account that my battery has this specifications:

    C rate: 8C.
    Volts: three 3.7 volt cells connected in series (3S), resulting in 11.1 volts.
    Battery capacity: 5100 mAh.

    Could somebody help me?

    Thank you so much

  26. Each of my 3 drones came with their own charger.
    I fly my drones until I get a low battery warning.
    I then attach the batteries to their supplied charger and try to be attentive to when their fully charged notification lights come on or go off.

    Am I doing it wrong?
    What procedure(s) should I change.
    I do have some batteries that are slightly swollen.

    You seem to have more sophisticated chargers than I.

    My Drone is a Direct X 380
    My quadcopters are A Syma X8W
    and a Dromida Kodo HD

  27. Very good article. Accurate, clear, concise, full of detail. Thank you. Simon Stone

  28. I just purchased 5 – Syma X5SW-v3 Done’s for my sons, grandson and husband for Christmas and am looking for a battery recommendation. The Drone is shipped with a 3.7V 650mAh Lipo Battery that is only suppose to provide 4 to 5 minutes flight time while using the camera or 7 minutes without. Rather than purchasing multiple batteries for each I’d like to find a long lasting battery that will not damage the units. Being a total novice/beginner on this topic I’d greatly appreciate any information or recommendation that you can provide.

  29. That was a very informative article. Thank you for clearing up a lot of misconceptions and answering a lot of questions about these batteries.

  30. Hello
    My drone is a SYMA X5SW I got it for Christmas. Today I was flying my drone with my friends but two of the batteries did not work when I charged all of them the night before for the recommended charging time which was 2hrs 10mins
    Any ideas of what had gone wrong?

  31. Also my batteries are lipo 500mah

  32. After flying I remove my battery and put it in the refrigerator for appx. 1hr. .
    I have found this to be quite helpful in keeping my battery at its peak.
    My question is has anyone else tried this ?

  33. So is this charging info still relevant? My phone battery is a 3.85 lipo (OnePlus 6). When it fast charges, it hits up to 4.385. I know it’s not safe to push 3.6/3.7 past 4.2, but does that still apply to new batteries? Also, does it decrease life cycles going past 4.2 the same way it did a few years ago. Everyone talks about the battery university study, but were they using 3.85 batteries?

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