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Altair Aerial Tomahawk | Camera Drone Review [2019]

altair aerial tomahawk drone fi

Overview: Though not positioned as such, the Altair Aerial Tomahawk drone could be seen as a direct upgrade to their previous drone – the Blackhawk. This vehicle controls better than any Altair model before it and handles well even in strong winds. Plus, the included camera is easy to use and takes great footage. A sure winner for beginner and ... Read More »

Parrot Drone Accessories – (Best Mambo, Bebop, AR Accessories 2019)

Table of Contents Parrot Drone Accessories FAQ Parrot Drone Cases Parrot Drone Batteries And Chargers Parrot Drone Controllers Miscellaneous Parrot Drone Accessories Parrot drones are becoming more and more popular with drone enthusiasts, especially with the recent release of the supposedly “Mavic-killing” Parrot Anafi. For years this elder statesman of the drone industry has provided top-notch products at a reasonable ... Read More »

JJRC Drones Review – 5 Best JJRC Drones For Sale (2019)

The Jianjian Technology Company’s radio control branch, conveniently abbreviated JJRC, is a Chinese drone manufacturer founded in 2014 that specializes in high-quality drones for beginner and intermediate pilots. Despite the popularity of their products we haven’t covered them very much on this site, which is why today we’re going to tell you all about the five best JJRC drones for ... Read More »

Parrot Anafi Review [Parrot Drone Anafi Price & Specs 2019]

Parrot SA is a fairly new player in the drone industry space, but they’ve very quickly made their mark with a number of great products. The Parrot Bebop and Bebop 2 were highly advanced prosumer photography quadcopters that were able to compete with all but the best of the DJI line, while last year’s Parrot Mambo is a solid competitor ... Read More »

Drones For Father’s Day [Best Gifts For Dad 2019]

Looking for a great gift for a dad who has it all? Why not look into the exciting world of drones? These RC aerial vehicles are fun to fly and to build. And while they might have been very expensive once, high-tech quadcopter toys and camera drones are now available to anyone for a reasonable price. We’ve taken a look, ... Read More »

Best Action Cameras For Drones 2019 (Action Camera Reviews)

People buy drones for all kinds of reasons, but the most common is that they want to get involved with aerial photography and videography. A lot of drones now come with built-in cameras, but some still require you to purchase a camera separately, either because it means they can sell the drone for less or because a built-in camera may ... Read More »

VR Goggles For Drones (Best VR Headset For Drones 2019)

Drones are one of the most exciting technological fields out there, with more companies entering the market and new aircraft innovations being thought up every day. Virtual reality may be a close second, with high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive making international headlines with their state-of-the-art potential. Today we’re going to be combining these two innovative ... Read More »

Top Gas Powered Drones [3 Best Gasoline Drones For Sale]

Most drones are powered by electric batteries, but sometimes you need something a little more heavy duty. That’s where gas powered drones come in. These aerial behemoths can fly farther and last longer than their electric counterparts and are perfect for serious filmmakers and for industrial heavy lifting. Today we’ll be looking at the 3 best gas powered flying drones ... Read More »