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Awesome Drone Tricks & Tips to Maximize Your Enjoyment

DJI Firmware Update for the Phantom 4 drone via IOs

how to activate phantom 4 in iOS

Today’s tip was written by Lynh Phan and assembled by me (Mike) from Dronethusiast. I put the photos together into one big infographic and labeled the slides with numbers. Each step of Lynh Phan’s tip has a (slide #) to the right of the tip and you can see the corresponding slide in the infographic below. Check out additional phantom ... Read More »

Phantom 4 Mods – Great Tips, Tricks & Upgrades!

Hello and welcome everyone to Lynh Phan’s DJI Phantom 4 mods, tips and upgrades, written by Lynh Phan and published by Dronethusiast.com. This is where we’ll bring you each new tip as he writes them. Lynh Phan is an RC flying enthusiast with years of experience across all spectrum of drone models. He gives us straight advice about interesting tips ... Read More »

Lynh Phan’s Tips: Lubrication For Your Central Screw

Today’s tip. – Lynh Phan Check out more tips from Lynh Phan here. Lubrication for your central screw. Like all gears, your central screw will require regular lubrication for smooth and bind free transition. I normally lubricate my screw after every 20 flights. Your options are to use white grease or in my case I use Dry fluid gear grease ... Read More »

Lynh Phan’s Tips: Drone Motor Lubricant, To Be or Not To Be?

Today’s Tip: Lubrication for your motors Caution : this is a personal choice whether or not to use drone motor lubricant on your motors. I used to compete in RC speed helicopter racing where I would always lubricate the sealed bearings on my German made competition quality Kontronik Black Edition Pyro and Scorpion competition series motors which can cost up to ... Read More »

The Ultimate Lynh Phan DJI Tips and Tricks Compilation

The Ultimate Lynh Phan DJI Tips and Tricks Compilation This is the ultimate compilation of DJI tips and tricks for both Phantom and Inspire pilots from our friend Lynh Phan. Check back to this article as we will update it with new useful hints on how to solve common problems and simply to make the most of your DJI multirotor ... Read More »

Phantom 3 Mods & Modifications – Great Tips!

DJI Phantom 3 Mods of The Day If you fly a DJI Phantom 3 – or just plan to buy one -, you have surely come across the name Lynh Phan as the go to guy if you had some toughies other could not answer. Lynh is an avid RC enthusiast with extensive experience in building RC helicopters and a competition ... Read More »

7 Great Uses for Construction Drones

By Blake Anderson Are you a construction engineer or are you perhaps rebuilding your home? Or just remodeling your home for a fresh look? From scoping out the big picture above to drastically improving safety and efficiency in your business, drones are a great way to make sure that your construction project is the best it can be. For as ... Read More »