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Awesome Drone Tricks & Tips to Maximize Your Enjoyment

Keeping Your Best Drone Photography Around for Long Haul

aerial drone photography

Interested in learning how to edit and produce the images and videos you take with your drone? Check out this great Aerial Post Production course with UAVCoach! Click here to learn more about the photo editing course.     After a few really good runs in the sky with your favorite UAV, you may find that drone photography is right ... Read More »

Looking For A Place To Buy A Cheap Drone?

If you are looking for the best buy cheap beginner drone websites, there are many places out there that claim they can fulfill the task for you. What is really unique about Quibids is that the bids just cost $.60, and are pre-paid items that are stored in the bid credit history section of the website. Every time you place ... Read More »

DJI Osmo Tips – Lynh Phan’s Greatest Osmo Advice!

Welcome to Dronethusiast’s DJI Osmo Tips page. We will be publishing a compilation of all the tips we receive from Drone Enthusiast Lynh Phan! Lynh Phan is a pro with all things electronic, especially radio controlled products! You can check out more details about him at his facebook page. Let’s get started with some DJI Osmo Tips by Lynh Phan! ... Read More »

Dobby Selfie Pocket Drone – Dobby Drone

Many times when consumers are looking at the kinds of new drones they want to purchase, products such as the line of DJI Phantoms are a big allure. A pocket drone capture amazing high-quality video, and are so well-constructed for the price that they keep everyone from simple hobbyists to those who are looking for a full-fledged movie director’s tool interested. The ... Read More »

Revive a Bricked DJI Phantom 3 Battery – Battery Tips

Today’s Tip. How to revive a bricked DJI battery caused by excessive self discharged. If you’ve stored your battery for a long period, chances are it has gone into deep discharged mode and the cells have lost storage capacity and can not be recharged using the stock method. This tip will enable you to revive the cells and bring it ... Read More »

DJI Firmware Update for the Phantom 4 drone via IOs

Today’s tip was written by Lynh Phan and assembled by me (Mike) from Dronethusiast. I put the photos together into one big infographic and labeled the slides with numbers. Each step of Lynh Phan’s tip has a (slide #) to the right of the tip and you can see the corresponding slide in the infographic below. Check out additional phantom ... Read More »

Phantom 4 Mods – Great Tips, Tricks & Upgrades!

Hello and welcome everyone to Lynh Phan’s DJI Phantom 4 mods, tips and upgrades, written by Lynh Phan and published by Dronethusiast.com. This is where we’ll bring you each new tip as he writes them. Lynh Phan is an RC flying enthusiast with years of experience across all spectrum of drone models. He gives us straight advice about interesting tips ... Read More »

Lynh Phan’s Tips: Lubrication For Your Central Screw

Today’s tip. – Lynh Phan Check out more tips from Lynh Phan here. Lubrication for your central screw. Like all gears, your central screw will require regular lubrication for smooth and bind free transition. I normally lubricate my screw after every 20 flights. Your options are to use white grease or in my case I use Dry fluid gear grease ... Read More »