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Awesome Drone Tricks & Tips to Maximize Your Enjoyment

Which Drone To Get If You Are Looking For a New UAV?

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So you want to get into drones but have no idea which drone to get? Hopefully we can help! The latest drone technology is more impressive than ever and now available to us all. Which drone to buy? It’s a great question and there’s no straightforward answer. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are or how experienced you ... Read More »

Traveling With LiPo Batteries and Your Drone

[ UPDATE AS OF May 2018! ]: As there is more and more vigilance and care present in air travel and transport, regulations are about to change and practices are changing as we speak. Although there is a distinctive difference between the more ubiquitous Lithium Ion batteries and the LiPo batteries we use in our multirotors, the new suggested regulation ... Read More »

Simple Tips to Create Stunning Cinematic Shots With Your Drone

Drones with cameras are becoming more and more common, and we at Dronethusiast couldn’t be happier. It’s wonderful that aerial photography is more cheaper and easier than in any other point in history, and drone shots are a great way to capture your wedding, vacation, or any other event in your life. However, getting the perfect drone shot is an ... Read More »