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The story of Travelwithdrone.com


By Jacek Grabarek The reason why I created Travelwithdrone.com is because I travel a lot and before I go on a journey I always look for videos of the places where I will go. Most of the videos don’t give you an accurate perspective of the location you are about to visit. So when Google launched “Street View” I felt a kind of relief, until ... Read More »

Drone Shooting Fireworks at Person

Ok, we found some crazy stuff for you guys, a Drone Shooting Fireworks at Person. Now before you even consider watching this: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! You will get arrested! We totally disagree with what’s going on in this video, but someone in some country where all this is legal (sic.) decided to do it.  At least he ... Read More »

25 Years in Aeromodelling and Drones – Meet Our New Writer Chris

Hi everyone, I’m Chris. Originally from the UK but now living in New Zealand.  I’ve spent 25 years in Aeromodelling, flying RC models in particular. Aeromodelling is a huge passion of mine and has naturally led me into the world of Drones. This amazing hobby has given me nothing but endless hours of enjoyment. Along with my interest in amateur ... Read More »

Epic Halloween Drone Prank

So you would think that there is no way we come up with a drone related piece of news that has to do with Halloween, right? You are so wrong. 🙂 Ever seen those drones carrying flags like the one at the Serbia Albania game video? Well, there are other things a multicpopter can lift. Halloween is one of those ... Read More »

Drone Triggers Violence at Soccer Game

Photo source: 444.hu Flying flags with a drone has been part of the rave among drone enthusiast groups. People discussed how to promote the high school football team or (our favorite) ask a girl out for prom night. This later was done by the high school student’s father. Awww, how sweet. 🙂 But never has any such flag flying action ... Read More »

Star Wars Inspired Drone Race in the Forest

An amazing Star Wars inspired drone race took place recently at the forests surrounding Argonay, France. Remember the scene in Star Wars Episode VI “Return of the Jedi” with the “Speeder Bike” chase? This one: The Race Now an association of drone flying FPV (First Person View) and modeling enthusiasts called Airgonay decided to recreate that scene by organizing a preparatory ... Read More »

Testing of drones within the Police in France

Testing of drones within the Police and National Security Department in France has been going on for almost three years already. The main target would be to use drones to help in having a better view on locations when there are riots or big events happening, such as a soccer game. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is specifying that it would allow it ... Read More »

UAV Regulations Around the World – Vol. 1

The legal aspect of our beloved hobby is a hotbed, creating controversy about UAV regulations around the world. There are opposing sides debating, sicking to their otherwise valid positions. We love to fly and never wanted to peep on people or invade anyone’s privacy. But people freak out from seeing a drone several hundreds of feet above which obviously is ... Read More »

Plexidrone: Making Aerial Photography a Breeze

Interested in learning how to edit and produce the images and videos you take with your drone? Check out this great Aerial Post Production course with UAVCoach! Click here to learn more about the photo editing course.     The brand new startup’s promise is music to our ears – “Plexidrone: Making Aerial Photography a Breeze”. They are only a couple ... Read More »

Israeli Tourist was Arrested for Flying Drone in Paris

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli tourist arrested for flying drone in Paris An Israeli tourist was arrested for flying drone in Paris and thrown in jail for flying a drone over Paris landmarks. The Israeli man, 24, was arrested Oct. 1 and spent the night in jail. The following morning he was levied a nearly $650 fine for “operating an aircraft non-compliant with safety ... Read More »