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Carbon Flyer – A Drone From The TV Shop Guys

I have stumbled upon an interesting “drone” project with a successful crowdfunding campaign again, called Carbon Flyer. I guess these projects attract a lot of people and investors also, specially now that GoPro is also on its way to develop an in-house drone product line.   This project seems to be very interesting at first glance as they are right, ... Read More »

Parrot Invests $2M In Agriculture Drone Startup

It is good to see that new startups slowly make their way into agriculture drone projects as the ag scenes is clearly one of the most lucrative fields yet underexploited by tech companies. As simple PR stunt drone news like the one by TGI Friday’s and delivery drone news announcements swarm news channels, it is refreshing to see that a ... Read More »

Plexidrone Gets New Design And X8 As Crowdfunding Ends

A couple of months ago we have previously reported on a very exciting Indiegogo campaign product, the Pelxidrone. Of course we are aware that crowdfunding products involve risks as to how much the advertised features actually materialize, but we have high hopes for Plexidrone as they have raised nearly nine times their original goals and maxed out their stretch goals ... Read More »

How About Drone Fried Turkey For Thanksgiving?

Ok, this is another silly drone stunt that a Riverdale, Maryland UAV dealer and service provider pulled off for this Thanksgiving holiday to promote their Black Friday sales specials. They’ve tethered a turkey to an octocopter and fried it. Normally, we dislike self-serving stunts like this, but doing something silly is more acceptable during a holiday weekend when we do ... Read More »

GoDrone? A GoPro Drone To Hit The Market in 2015

The Wall Street Journal has released an interesting rumor today that GoPro Inc. is developing its own line of consumer drones to expand from its core business of making wearable video cameras popular with surfers and other sports enthusiasts, according to people familiar with its plans. The article is behind a pay wall, so we are trying to get the you ... Read More »

A Pilot License To Fly a Drone? They’ve Got To Be Kidding

We have briefly reported Yesterday about the Wall Street Journal (paywall) article that suggests restrictive regulations are to be expected by FAA requiring practically a drone pilot license to fly a drone. As the article is behind a paywall and most of you probably haven’t had the chance to read it in full, we thought it makes sense to elaborate on this ... Read More »

Totally Lame Drone PR Stunt from TGI Friday’s

This story surfaced a couple of days ago and I am sure many of you have seen it. At the same time, I just had to come back to it because I feel that it’s as cheesy as it gets and it’s astonishing to see how many media outlets took this gig seriously. Small and large companies continue to announce ... Read More »

Meet Trappy! The Man Behind The FAA “Reckless” Video.

Earlier today we have reported on the NTSB ruling that confirms FAA has wide latitude to actually deem all drone flights illegal in the United States. In case you have missed it, go ahead and read it, specially if you live in the US. After all the heated discussions on how reckless has Raphael “Trappy” Pirker been, we thought it ... Read More »

Here Is The Video of the Flight That FAA Finds Reckless

We have previously reported that FAA expects to release clear regulations on small UAVs by the end of the year. Well, what you will read below is not the kind of news we’ve all expected or at least hoped for. Many of our readers expressed concerns that some dumb ruling might surface that makes it impossible to fly legally in ... Read More »

UPDATED: Will Parrot Bebop Drone Finally Be Released?

UPDATE: 18 NOVEMBER, 2014 A little over two weeks ago we speculated below about when the Parrot Bebop drone will finally become available to customers. The day has come. That is the day we find out when :). First Shipping, Price The first Bebop drones will start shipping for $499 in December, but in the US only and will be available online ... Read More »