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The First Attempt at Peer-To-Peer Drone Delivery

BIZZBY SKY Keys Delivery

In the not even so recently started and currently ongoing hype around delivery drones by small and large companies and startups alike, there are very few that actually already sport a physical product. Not to mention real test flights solving existing problems. Do not misunderstand us, we value the power of innovation and can’t wait to have some of those drones in ... Read More »

Racing Quadcopters – an Intro to FPV Quacopter Racing

The world of racing quadcopters is still in its infancy, but it’s rapidly gathering momentum across the world as people discover the thrill of being able to zoom around with their friends, defying gravity in a 3D space. If you’re into drones and FPV, you’ve almost certainly seen the post about the French Airgonay team, featuring pilots zooming through the ... Read More »

UAV Finds Car After Accident

An UAV owner was right near by an accident and they rescue folks asked for his. And that is exactly what he did. Someone threw a pumpkin at a car on the highway and the driver lost control and slammed into the lake. He got out safe, but the tow truck operators had a hard time locating the vehicle. Here ... Read More »

Nixie the First Wearable Quadcopter wins $500.000 prize

We have already covered drones that will follow you, but there is a new project worth mentioning that promises just that, but with a special twist. The Nixie is the first wearable quadcopter that is worn on the wrist. Nixie announced today that it has won a prestigious wearable contest run by chip giant Intel. The contest called the Make It ... Read More »

International Drone Day | March 14, 2015

Our team has come across a great initiative, International Drone Day. We fully support any movement that sheds positive light on our hobby. This seems to be a brand new initiative and we have not been able to discuss things in detail with the organizers, so we hope it is fully legit. So let’s create teams in places there isn’t ... Read More »

Flying Defibrillator Drone Saves Lives

We are being spoiled by great news from the technology world showing amazingly positive uses of drone technology like the life saving multirotors by extremely humble and creative folks from Iran we just posted recently. It proves that innovators around the world work hard to prove the other part of population raising their voices, only seeing  the real or perceived ... Read More »

New DJI Phantom 2 Upgrades Enhance Transmitter and Propulsion

Back in mid September when DJI announced a price reduction, many fans stipulated that a brand new line of Phantom 2 quads will be hitting the market soon. The expectation was not without merit since a similar price reduction did precede the introduction of new product lines previously and let’s admit, it also does make a lot of sense. Fork ... Read More »

OK Go Music Video Completely Filmed Using a Drone

After our post Yesterday about life saving drones, the latest music video by LA based alternative rock band OK Go is again a perfect example of heartwarming and positive use of UAV technology. Damian Kulash and his band created a surprisingly simple, yet clever OK go music video packed with high end current technology such as Honda motorized unicycles – which ... Read More »

Life Saving Drones from Iran

This video and the team behind it provided just what the UAV community needs amidst fierce controversy over drones where some see it as the latest game changer in commercial technology while others fear their privacy and frown upon the flying machines. A recent development of life saving drones in Iran takes a surprisingly simple approach to using drones for ... Read More »

How About a Drone You Can Ride? Meet Hoverbike!

Have you been wondering why the stable and relatively simple flying method of drones is not available for personal transport? Have seen projects that could materialize one day, but the Hoverbike project by Chris Malloy from Surrey, UK looks very advanced. The Kickstarter project aiming to fund the project has been backed by more than 450 backers and reached £64,089 in ... Read More »