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Drone Picture Contest Winners by Dronestagram

Drones have opened up the door for us to see the world from a completely different view. Typically, we only see what is right in front of our faces or near us, but drones allow us to view this beautiful Earth from above. Dronestagram, an online forum and community that is dedicated to drone photography and aerial images has released ... Read More »

Drone Racing League 2017 | Gab surges ahead with steady style

The Drone Racing League 2017 season kicked off this last weekend on ESPN and ESPN 2. Drone racing is a new sport airing its second season on ESPN over the next two weeks. Participants use “Quads” or drones, which are remote control helicopters with four rotors each. They pilot them remotely using First Person View (FPV) goggles through gates or ... Read More »

Drone Laws in North Carolina

Flying a drone in any state can be tricky. You not only have to abide by the laws in place from the FAA, but you also have to look out for any relevant laws put forward by the state, as well. Learn All The Drone Rules & Regulations This article will give a brief overview of the laws in your ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Michigan

Like every other state in the nation, Michigan has their own set of state laws, rules, and regulations, aside from those enacted by the FAA, regarding drones that all users must abide by. Understanding and respecting them will ensure that you stay out of trouble and have an enjoyable flight. Learn All The Drone Rules & Regulations This article will ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Georgia

Understanding and respecting the rules, regulations, and any existing laws in the state of Georgia that have been put in place for drone use is very important as a user. Because the popularity of drones, both residential and commercial, have risen quickly over the years, each state has made steps to ensure everyone is safe. More Resources This article will ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Ohio

Knowing the laws, rules, and regulations for flying a drone in the state of Ohio will ensure that you keep yourself out of trouble when flying your drone. Abiding by the local law and regulations where drones are concerned is important for not only your safety but the safety of the general public, as well. Learn All The Drone Rules ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Illinois

FAA rules and regulations aside, each state has their own legalities where flying a drone is concerned. Educating yourself on the existing laws and regulations will ensure that you have a safe, legal flight each time you’re out in the field – literally! Learn All The Drone Rules & Regulations This article will give a brief overview of the laws ... Read More »

Drone Laws in Pennsylvania

Flying a drone in Pennsylvania is definitely not for the light of heart. Though it’s a beautiful state, there are a lot of underlying issues where drones are concerned. Users should take extreme caution where they fly to ensure that no problems arise. Going forward, understanding the limits and regulations for drone use in Pennsylvania will ensure that you have ... Read More »

Amazon’s Drone Delivery – Avoiding Birds and Buildings

Want that new pair of Lularoe leggings right now? Amazon’s drone delivery service has you covered. Although delivery by drone is a relatively new concept, Amazon is forging ahead with its plans to get this fleet of high-flying messengers off the ground quickly. Utilizing a research and development team based in Paris, France, Amazon is busy building an entire air ... Read More »