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Kespry Forms Partnership With DJI – Will Use Mavic 2 For Surveys

If you’re reading anything on this site, you’ve almost certainly heard of DJI, the Chinese corporation that holds a massive majority share in the drone industry. But unless you’ve been a follower of our news section for some time, you may not be as familiar with Kespry, the data-based drone solutions startup founded in 2013. Though the average drone enthusiast ... Read More »

Aeromao Announces Bellyflopping Amphibious Drone

Amphibious airplanes have been around for a long time – in fact, some of the earliest aircraft were designed to land on water because it was softer than crashing onto land. However, drones with a seagoing airframe are unheard of – or, at least, they were until Aeromao, Inc. announced the Aeromapper Talon Amphibious earlier this week. Aeromao is best ... Read More »

Uber Wants To Deliver Food With Drones By 2021

Uber, the billion-dollar startup best known for pioneering ride sharing and mistreating its workers, has more recently started expanding into a number of not-even-remotely car-related fields. In 2014, the company began its Uber Eats platform, a food delivery service that’s now available in 250 cities worldwide. In May of this year, Uber announced that it was planning to test the ... Read More »

DJI Launches New Version Of The Phantom 4 For Aerial Surveys

DJI is the most successful drone company in the world, and the Phantom 4 is their most popular drone. We’ve covered this product extensively in our articles here on the site, as well as its variants like the Phantom 4 Pro. But on October 15th, DJI released a new version of the Phantom 4 that will further cement its place ... Read More »

Drone Versus Airplane Wing: Watch What Happens

Any responsible drone enthusiast knows that flying a drone near an airplane is something you should never, ever do. Even if you live in one of the few countries where flying near an airport is still legal, doing so puts the lives of pilots and passengers in danger – and will almost certainly destroy your expensive drone, too. Even as ... Read More »

Beautiful Drone Video Shows Autumn From A New Perspective

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but my favorite season has always been Autumn. It’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors but cool enough to show off your jacket fashions. It’s a time for apple cider, pumpkin pie, and decorative gourds. Plus, give me spooky Halloween skeletons or a turkey feast over a Christmas tree any day. But the ... Read More »

Drones With Laser Scanners Monitor Costa Rican Forests

“There are many ways of taking these metrics,” said Felipe Carazo, “but none with this level of resolution.” Carazo is the executive director of Fundecor, a private non-governmental organization that’s working to manage Costa Rican forests in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. In association with American technology company Intel and the San Jose-based Aerial Robotixs, Fundecor is one of the ... Read More »

Drone Technology Used To Monitor Shark Movements

The Ripper Group International – an Australian company which is pioneering the use of drones in the search and rescue movement – has teamed up with the University of Technology Sydney to produce SharkSpotter, system that combines AI and drone technology to spot sharks and aid swimmers. Shark attacks are quite rare. In Australia (where the SharkSpotter system is being ... Read More »

Israel’s Airobotics Opens Headquarters in the US

Ran Krauss founded Airobotics back in 2014 because he was unsatisfied with the notion that as long as human operators were required to fly drones, they wouldn’t truly reach their true potential in flying far or fast enough. Airobotics develops pilotless drones that use robotics to deploy themselves and handle a number of chores that a human operator would have ... Read More »