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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone


Drones are red-hot gadgets right now, but you should consider a few things before getting caught up in the hype. Here’s what you really need to know before becoming America’s latest drone owner. 1. You Can’t Just Buy and Fly When you start shopping for a drone, you’ll notice a number of acronyms. Understanding these will make sure you buy ... Read More »

6 Places to Buy Quality Drones Online

By Michael Karp Drones wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t so easy to buy them online. Often times, you can watch a couple videos, read some reviews, and you will have a solid idea of what it would be like to fly and own a certain model. This drastically reduces the need to enter a brick and mortar store, ... Read More »

The Ultimate FPV System Guide

Introduction to FPV Systems FPV (First Person View) is a unique addictive and almost surreal flying experience! After years of dreaming about being able to do this, we can finally fly from a pilot’s perspective! PLEASE: If you find this guide useful take a moment to share it on facebook! Thanks! Are you looking for this information in Spanish? Sistema ... Read More »

GoPro Karma – Spotlight on the New Release

The GoPro Karma is hitting the shelves on the 23rd of October this year, and from what we have seen of the design, its possible that those who prefer Dji may have enough inspiration to switch up their preference. This is a concept that was obviously a further completion of what was already a killer product: it’s just going to ... Read More »

DJI Mavic Pro – Accessories For the Dazzling Device

Pilots have been extra excited this fall for very good reason: the release of the DJI Mavic Pro and accessories has allowed drone fans to enjoy everything that they were able to with the Phantom 4, on an amazingly smaller scale. Even though it is small, it is so very powerful: there are actually 24 delicately created and programmed cores ... Read More »

Flying Robot International Film Festival – FriFF

As the cable cars clamor up and down the steep hills and the fog rolls in by the Golden Gate, a seriously awesome film festival will be taking place this fall. Whether someone is a completely dedicated drone pilot out there flying every day, or just enjoys surfing the web for the best and baddest drone footage out there, this ... Read More »

Dji Mavic Details and Description – Dronethusiast

It has definitely been a banner year for those who love drones, and many have been watching the success of the Dji Phantom 4 model. Last week saw the release of the highly anticipated GoPro Karma, a small and savvy machine that folds up into a quite tiny number while you’re on the go. Dji knew well that this product ... Read More »

Look These Two New Foldable Drones That Everyone is Talking About!

When those who are excited about drone photography are on the hunt for something new for their collection, there haven’t been that many truly foldable drones until just now. Already very popular for their line of actual cameras that are interchangeable with many different brands of drones. GoPro saw massive opportunity to have their own entry in the portable drone ... Read More »