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The Ultimate FPV System Guide

fpv system featured

Introduction to FPV Systems FPV (First Person View) is a unique addictive and almost surreal flying experience! After years of dreaming about being able to do this, we can finally fly from a pilot’s perspective! PLEASE: If you find this guide useful take a moment to share it on facebook! Thanks! Are you looking for this information in Spanish? Sistema ... Read More »

DJI Phantom 4 Details And Description – Dronethusiast

DJI Phantom 4 – Our Take on The New Phantom 4 So far this post has been centered on the leaks and rumors about the DJI p4, and all it’s pre release hype! However, now that the DJI Phantom 4 details have been released I want to go through it all and explain each of the differences between the new ... Read More »

Best 4 Drone Surfing Footage Videos

From lashing a front side carve to dropping in on mammoth waves such as Jaws itself on the North Shore of Hawaii, drone surfing videos are in a very amazing class of their own. Once those who were already masters at gathering video and still footage were able to get their hands on the drones of today that can capture ... Read More »

Amazon Given Go Ahead to Test Prime Air in the UK

Retail giant Amazon has long been offering previews of its plans to make drone delivery services a reality. And while the technology has arguably been in place to make it happen for a while now, America’s FAA haven’t been too hospitable to the idea. In fact, in some quarters the Federal Aviation Authority has been accused of actively holding commercial ... Read More »

Tanky Launches 100mph Ready-to-Fly FPV Racer

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are often a good barometer of what’s coming next in the drone industry. Projects looking for backers can be indicative of the trends yet to come, and last week one in particular, from Tanky Drone, started to attract attention. The developers at Tanky have designed, tested, and perfected an FPV racing drone of the ... Read More »

Drone Latest News Scoop: DJI Updates Restricted Area Software

The manufacturer of the wildly popular Phantom 4 is definitely known for making the most useful and able drones in the professional or higher-end category, and they announced some big changes this past week. They are releasing a new version of the software that integrates technology to “make the judgment call” on which areas the pilot can fly in. GEO ... Read More »

Drone Captures The Gap Between Rich and Poor

Footage captured from a drone is able to convey quite a bit of emotion. We have seen what can be captured as far as landscapes are concerned from above. Beautiful beaches, the bustle over sporting events, and the bustle of large cities from Los Angeles to London are all scenes that are amazing to see as they have been captured ... Read More »

DJI Osmo Tips – Lynh Phan’s Greatest Osmo Advice!

Welcome to Dronethusiast’s DJI Osmo Tips page. We will be publishing a compilation of all the tips we receive from Drone Enthusiast Lynh Phan! Lynh Phan is a pro with all things electronic, especially radio controlled products! You can check out more details about him at his facebook page here. Let’s get started with some DJI Osmo Tips by Lynh ... Read More »

Details of Legislation In Drone Regulation – USA

The rules are out: The Future For Commercial Drone Flights Updated # 7 June 27, 2016 Current Issues facing all drone users Many pilots, those who own businesses using drones, and hobbyists have closely been watching issues in the United States legal climate regarding commercial use. Many different lawmakers across various states have been attempting to impose higher fees on ... Read More »

The New Dobby Selfie Pocket Drone

Many times when consumers are looking at the kinds of new drones they want to purchase, products such as the line of DJI Phantoms are a big allure. A pocket drone capture amazing high-quality video, and are so well-constructed for the price that they keep everyone from simple hobbyists to those who are looking for a full-fledged movie director’s tool interested. The ... Read More »