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Drone Racing League 2017 | Gab surges ahead with steady style


The Drone Racing League 2017 season kicked off this last weekend on ESPN and ESPN 2. Drone racing is a new sport airing its second season on ESPN over the next two weeks. Participants use “Quads” or drones, which are remote control helicopters with four rotors each. They pilot them remotely using First Person View (FPV) goggles through gates or ... Read More »

Drone Flight Training Courses

Drone training courses are taken for a number of reasons. Whether you’re preparing for a specific test through the FAA, wanting to learn how to operate a drone for commercial purposes, or even a simple course to help you learn how to fly a drone, there are courses out there for everything related to drones. Some of these courses are ... Read More »

Amazon’s Drone Delivery – Avoiding Birds and Buildings

Want that new pair of Lularoe leggings right now? Amazon’s drone delivery service has you covered. Although delivery by drone is a relatively new concept, Amazon is forging ahead with its plans to get this fleet of high-flying messengers off the ground quickly. Utilizing a research and development team based in Paris, France, Amazon is busy building an entire air ... Read More »

World’s First Drone Jump

Forget old-fashioned sky-dives from an airplane and jump into the type of adventure that comes with a new age of technology. The world’s first drone jump executed and planned by Aerones brought Ingus Augstkalns to 1082 feet where he sailed gently to the earth using his parachute. The jump began on a on a Latvian radio tower operated and owned ... Read More »

Drone Video Footage – Elk City, OK Tornado Devastation

caused by a tornado that ripped through and destroyed at least 40 houses. One person died in this terrible tragedy, and at least 20 more people were injured. Video captured by the drone shows the horror of a storm that unleashed its fury on both of the towns of Carter and Elk City. Flying over the massive wreckage, the video ... Read More »

Drone Laws In Texas

Knowing the laws and regulations regarding drones in your state is crucial before any flight. If you currently reside in Texas and own a drone, the following information will be very important to you. Flying Over Texas For the best view of the Dallas skyline, Trammel Crow Park is the best place to be. The park has plenty of open ... Read More »

The First Spherical Drone Display In The World

Imagine a revolving advertisement that floats above the heads of concert-goers, displaying your product in brilliant color. The subtle hum of the video drone inside of a spherical cage displays advertising in a format that no one has ever seen before in a format that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Skipping across the baseball field, floating ... Read More »

New hard drive with micro SD slot for DJI Drones built by Seagate

Videographers and drone enthusiasts alike are celebrating the partnership between Seagate and DJI with a fantastic storage device that makes storing digital data on the fly a breeze. This new external hard drive with a micro SD slot gives drone lovers an amazing option for gathering the footage from their flights with ease. The first product from the Seagate and ... Read More »

Drone Laws Don’t Protect Your Privacy in your Own Backyard

The perfect Christmas gift, a new drone, soars over your property taking crystal clear still pictures and plenty of video. Bored with flying over your own property, you pilot that drone across the fence to the neighbor’s house to check out what is happening at their barbecue. Is it an invasion of privacy to pilot the tiny aircraft over property ... Read More »

Syma Drones: The Best of Their Collection

Guangdong Syma Model Aircraft Industrial Co., Ltd., more formerly known as Syma, is one of the biggest drone manufacturers in the world right now. They have everything from FPV quadcopters to drones that are better suited for something to occupy your time with. Syma mostly deals in quadcopters that are generally of a medium size. They do, however, quite a ... Read More »